Teen DUI driver kills 15 Year Old in Head-On Collision Then Falls 200 Feet Cops Say in California

Jul 30,2019 | Matthew F

Lily Harrison planned to go to Ethiopia at the end of June to perform missionary work at a refugee camp according to the Riverside Press-Enterprise. 

However, a head-on collision with an accused drunk driver Saturday night killed the 15 years old from Murrieta California.

Faith Zember Lily’s mom said, “I will mourn the loss of my sweet girl for all of my living days here on earth.” 

More states are acting to pass new laws and regulations for drunk driving and legal limits with alcohol use. Voluntary breathalyzers can help you check your limits before you drive. If one is planning on drinking planning ahead such as taking a ride-sharing service can help protect from dangerous situations and drunk driving. Another law that many states are passing requires a mandatory ignition interlock device or IID to be installed into the vehicle. This device works by testing alcohol levels and then allows for the vehicle to be able to be started.

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