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SkyFineUSA is a United States-based, ISO 9001 certified manufacturer and provider of alcohol monitoring

devices and technology, headquartered in Draper, UT. SkyFineUSA manufactures various alcohol monitoring devices/software systems, including

Ignition Interlock Devices, Police Grade Breathalyzers, Commercial Ignition Interlock Devices, Portable

Alcohol Monitoring Devices, Professional/Personal Use Breathalyzers, Offender Monitoring Software,

IID Calibration Testing Software, GPS Monitoring Software.

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At SKYFINEUSA, we lead our clients through the reinstatement process of an ignition interlock program. This process is simple because.

We manufacture our own ignition interlock devices and stand behind their reliability.
We install the ignition interlocks for our clients.
We provide full equipment training.
We instruct our clients about ignition interlock program requirements laid out by the law.
We meet with our clients regularly during their scheduled service appointments.
We make sure our customers’ concerns are heard and addressed 24/7 through our toll- free technical support line.
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Reporting System

SkyfineUSA dedicated reporting for Ignition Interlock providing data access 24/7/365 stores all events transmitted from the ignition interlock
Provide reports within hours of downloading the memory at a servicing appointment (depending on agency specifications)
Includes all the relevant information such as Breath Alcohol Concentration information, date and time of events
Records circumvention attempts, tampering, and violations
Reports are sent directly to the designated individual
Reports can be sent via email, mail, fax, or electronic data transfer