Alcohol Calculator

Am I a Sober Driver Caluclator

Your actual BAC is dependent on many complex factors, including your emotional and physical condition and health, and what you've recently ingested (including food, water, medications and other drugs).

- No blood/breath alcohol calculator is 100% accurate.
- The best that can be done is a rough estimation of your BAC level.

You should not consider this to be a guideline for how much you can drink and still drive responsibly, or avoid being arrested! The best policy is don't drink and drive. Period.

NOTE:The basic formula for estimating a person's blood/breath alcohol concentration comes from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Alcohol Facts:

  • The following drinks have the same amount of alcohol: 12 oz. of beer, 5 oz. wine, 1 1/2 oz. liquor.
  • The body eliminates alcohol to lower BAC level approximately 0.015 per hour.
  • There is nothing a person can do to speed up the elminination of alcohol from the body.
  • 0.08% BAC is legal limit for drunk driving in most states in the USA.
  • Federal regulations prohibit safety sensitive employees such as truck drivers from working with a 0.02% BAC.

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12 oz. beer or equivalent