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Your ignition interlock device is designed to prevent you from driving while under the influence of alcohol. It is anticipated that you will never drive under the influence again but judgment can be cloudy after you have been drinking. You should know that while the ignition interlock device is installed in your vehicle you are responsible for every test result that is registered on your device, including tests that are taken by other individuals who drive your car. You will be required to submit to rolling retests throughout your drive, and if you do not complete those tests or you fail a retest it will be logged for the state or DMV to see.

When you first try to start your vehicle you will be required to submit a breath sample to the ignition interlock device. Once the device determines you are not under the influence of alcohol you will be allowed to start your car. If the device determines you have alcohol on your breath your vehicle will not start. If you are worried this a false positive, wait a few minutes and swish some water in your mouth to be sure you are giving a clean sample. If you have been drinking you should know this result will be logged. The consequences for your violation will vary from state to state. These violations can range from extending the length of time you are required to have your device installed to paying a fine. Check with your state laws to know for sure what your penalties could be.

Once you have completed your test and your car starts, you are not finished. Your ignition interlock device will continue to operate and will require rolling retests throughout your drive. You will have a window of time to complete the rolling retest before it logs it as a violation. If you do not take the test the system will log it as a violation and report it. If you do take the test and you fail it will also be logged as a violation.  Either way your car could have a number of responses to the failed test. One thing is for sure, the failed retest will not force your car to stop. Failed retests may have no affect on your car, or it could make your horn being honking, and flashing your lights until the car is turned off. This done to draw attention to your vehicle so potentially a police officer could pull you over. No matter what, your vehicle will not just turn off as that would be unsafe for the roadways.

If another person drives your car you are also responsible for their test results. Whenever you or someone else starts your vehicle the ignition interlock device must be utilized before the vehicle will start. This does mean that if you let a friend drive your vehicle, and they are under the influence of alcohol, you are responsible for your friends test results. If they have a positive test result you will face the consequences. So before you let anyone else drive your car be sure that you can trust them, and be sure that they are not under the influence of alcohol.

Your ignition interlock device is set to prevent you from drinking and driving again. You will be responsible for all registered violations throughout your ownership of the ignition interlock device. These violations can result in a number of penalties and consequences so it is important to know what those penalties are, as they vary from state to state. You could also face consequences if you allow someone else to drive your vehicle and they are under the influence. The device does not test only your breath, it tests the breath of whoever is driving and you are responsible for any and all results registered through your device. The best way to avoid these penalties is to not drive after you have been drinking, and these are especially good habits to get into going forward after you have received a DUI.