Highway Patrol in California Begins Holiday DUI Crackdown in Los Angeles

Jan 06,2020 | Matthew F

California Highway Patrol began a Holiday DUI Crackdown in LA with a maximum enforcement period which goes from Thanksgiving weekend through the new year. During this period CHP officers look for unsafe driving practices including impaired, distracted driving, unsafe speed, vehicle occupants who do not buckle and more.

Holiday travel can be stressful we recommend before heading out that everyone in the vehicle has seatbelts on, and check and secure kids in the appropriate child safety seat. During 2018 Thanksgiving enforcement campaign 931 people statewide were arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. The prior year was 1057 which was an overall 12 percent decline.

A total of 59 people died on roads and highways statewide under the CHP jurisdiction over Thanksgiving weekend in 2018.

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