Do You Lose Your California’s Driver License with Getting Convicted of DUI?

Oct 05,2019 | Matthew F

In California, one may face mandatory penalties in DUI conviction. The severity of these penalties will depend on one's case and situation. It is very likely to have a license suspended or revoked permanently if a person is convicted of a DUI.

Due to these penalties, we recommend that you have a qualified attorney as a skilled DUI defense attorney can help reduce penalties and also give additional options to help in a DUI situation such as recommending a mandatory ignition interlock device or IID.

If one does find themselves drinking socially and unsure of their alcohol levels and would like to consider operating a vehicle SkyFine USA is the only company that provides voluntary interlock devices for purchase. These voluntary ignition interlock devices are a one time cost, and are great for the everyday individual looking to remain safe by testing their limit before driving. Individuals in recovery, looking for additional support and integrity to maintain sobriety, parents who are wanting peace of mind knowing their son/daughter will make it home safely, corporations wanting to keep staff members safe on the job and anyone looking to receive a safe driving discount on their auto insurance policy.

Some find themselves going through a DUI and while the situation can be difficult Skyfine USA carries ignition interlock devices (IID) that are DMV and court-approved. Give us a call today at (888) 886-5016. 

SkyFine USA also carries voluntary ignition interlock devices that help to know your alcohol levels. We look forward to helping you with your ignition interlock needs. See why we are rated one of the best companies on the market for both superior technologies. We service Utah, Oregon, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, Ohio and more.