DUI Checkpoints in May 2019 for Utah

May 30,2019 | Matthew F

Legal notices are put out from time to time from the State of Utah and from specific cities including Taylorsville from the Unified Police Department.

The checkpoints are setup in hopes to reduce drunk driving. As the notice stated “UPD hopes Utah drivers will make safe, alternative plans to prevent impaired driving.”

State law requires DUI checkpoints to be published prior to being used. Utah has the lowest drunk driving limit which went from .08 to .05 in December 2018. Because of new laws and DUI enforcement on the rise we recommend using a voluntary device to check your alcohol levels before ever entering a vehicle or taking an alternative form of transportation if you have been drinking. Planning ahead can also help with getting pulled over for a DUI.

Some find themselves going through a DUI and while the situation can be difficult Skyfine USA carries ignition interlock devices that are DMV and court approved. Give us a call today at (888) 886-5016.