Breathalyzers Professional

Model - RS588


The RS588 is a Volunteer Ignition Interlock Device that helps to prevent drunk driving by requiring the user to pass a Breath Alcohol Concentration (BAC) test before allowing a vehicle to start. Similar to court ordered Ignition Interlock devices, but without all the hassle of random tests and lockouts. With a total testing time of approximately 15 seconds and not requiring complicated blowing techniques, the RS588 is easy to use. The RS588 can also be customized by using a password protected menu where a user could set Date, Time, choose how tests are displayed, as well as setting the fail limit. Our factory default fail limit is set at 0.050% BAC. Meaning any breath test result below 0.050 % BAC will allow the vehicle to start. Perfect for parents keeping their kids safe, businesses with fleet vehicles, or anyone looking to keep our roads safe from drunk driving.

Product Information:

  • Volunteer Ignition Interlock Device
  • Easy to use, one straight ~3 second blow. No humming or blow-suck-blow
  • Large 19mm fuel cell sensor
  • 4 digits LCD display with backlight
  • LCD color changes if above set fail limit
  • Powered by vehicle Ignition
  • 10 mouthpieces included
  • Calibration Interval: 3000 tests or 1 year
  • Low battery indication
  • Dimension: 140x55x34 mm
  • Blowing pressure and flow detection
  • Real time date, and temperature readings
  • Test range: 0.000?4.000‰ BAC
  • Does not ask for random tests

Standards Met: CE, FDA, EN15964, NHTSA

Model - AT571


-Personal Alcohol Tester -Premium Fuel Cell sensor -Digital display with 4 digits -Red light if above alcohol limit -2 pcs AAA battery (800 tests) -5 Memory for last tested result -Size: 102x52x22mm -Display: 0.00-2.00‰(1.00mg/L) -Accuracy: +/- 0.05‰ at 0.50‰ -Alcohol limit selectable -Alcohol unit selectable -Test counter after power on -Operation Temp:10? to 40? -Blowing time & flow detection


-Product -Manual -5 mouthpiece -Small pouch -No battery


-CE certified by TUV -Mouthpiece with FDA and LFGB certification -Design Patented -FOB HK if order exceed USD10,000 -Exclusive: Scandinavia, Canada

Model - AT579


-Personal Alcohol Tester -Professional fuel cell sensor -Digital display with 4 digits -1pcs 9V battery (800 tests) -5 Memory for last tested result -Size: 115x60x23mm -Display: 0.00-3.00‰(1.50mg/L) -Accuracy: +/- 0.04‰ at 0.50‰ -Operation Temp:5? to 50? -Blow time & flow detection -Test counter after power on.


-Product -Manual -5 mouthpiece -Small Pouch -No battery -No car-plug


-FDA-510K cleared -CE certified by TUV -US DOT approved

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As a Market leader, SkyfineUSA is committed to providing innovative solutions and exceptional support to organizations seeking to detect and deter the abuse of drugs and alcohol. We deliver unique testing systems to a wide variety of industries, including employers, government agencies, occupational health clinics, pain management practitioners, physician offices, rehabilitation centers SkyfineUSA offers substance abuse testing products and services for a multitude of settings such as hospitals, physician offices, criminal justice agencies, workplace, rehabilitation centers, occupational health clinics, and homes.

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Oral fluid testing is recognized as a reliable and innovative test format that provides fast and convenient specimen collections. The non-invasive method does not require special collection facilities necessitated by the privacy requirements of a urine collection. Additionally, because each collection can be directly observed, donor tampering with the specimen is virtually eliminated. SkyfineUSA analyzes oral fluid specimens for substances of abuse via state-of-the-art technology and automated systems. Our skilled laboratory staff ensure you receive accurate analysis on your oral fluid specimens.We have structured into specialized divisions so that we can offer unique and customized oral fluid drug test solutions that fit the needs of all our customers

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Forensic Use Only devices are intended for use only in drugs of abuse testing for law enforcement purposes. Appropriate users of such devices include, for example, court systems, police departments, probation/parole offices, juvenile detention centers, prisons, jails, correction centers and other similar law enforcement entities, or laboratories or other establishments performing forensic testing for these entities. Forensic Use Only devices are not designed, tested, developed, or labeled for use in other settings, such as clinical diagnostic or workplace settings. The intended use for rapid screening devices varies based on marketplace setting. Should you have any questions about the intended use and appropriate setting for our devices, please contact


Setting the standard for best practices in employment testing SkyfineUSA provides comprehensive services and products to employers looking to implement or enhance their drug and alcohol testing programs. From screening through confirmation, our flexible and robust solutions include federally regulated for HHS and DOT, rapid screening devices,and complete IT integration, data management tools, customized training, and more. Available for urine and oral fluid specimen testing, SkyfineUSA user-friendly rapid screening devices come in a wide range formats and panel configurations. Choose from the following products optimized for employment testing . You may also combine any of these with laboratory confirmation and record keeping of on-site negatives for a defensible substance abuse testing program. To ensure consistency in application, SkyfineUSA maintains a staff of product specialists who provide technical support and deliver training on how to use each product within your specific operation.