Player Contract

Thank You for joining the Playing Against DUI Team! We appreciate your support in raising awareness for the leading cause of fatalities on the road, which is Drinking and Driving. Through your help, we will continue saving lives daily! To secure your spot on the Playing Against DUI Team, please sign the statement below & fill in the boxes!

  • , Pledge to “Test My Limit Before I Drive” and to NOT Drink and Drive through the duration of the 2019 MLS Season.
  • Shipping Information

    Please provide shipping information so we can send you your free breathalyzer.
  • Optional Donation Opportunity

    Playing Against DUI will be donating a percentage of the money raised to MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), one of the largest Nonprofit groups who strives to raise awareness for Drinking and Driving. All donations are optional and greatly appreciated! Know that all funds will be going to raise continued awareness to reduce the number of DUI’s and ultimately create safer driving conditions for the entire MLS!
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